Is Barca actually preparing for Gundogan?! The juicy rumor suggests he may leave if City seals the UCL win!

Is Barca Actually Preparing For Gundogan?! The Juicy Rumor Suggests He May Leave If City Seals The Ucl Win!

In a surprising turn of events, reports from ‘Sport’ suggest that Barcelona is preparing a perplexing roadmap to strengthen their squad for next season’s run in the Champions League. The Catalan side has identified Manchester City midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan, as one of their top priorities. Despite interest from Arsenal and Dortmund, the German is said to be a highly valued player in the upcoming summer transfer window and is likely to join Barcelona.

Rumors suggest that the two parties have already reached a verbal agreement that could see the midfielder play in a Barcelona shirt for three years. Furthermore, the 32-year-old admitted in an interview that he was still at City to win the Champions League. “It’s my seventh year now and I’ve never stayed that long in a football club. So I think that alone, just looking at the numbers, shows how much I appreciate this club. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years. This is why I’ve stayed at Man City so long,” he said.

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However, the Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter could be a turning point in his future. According to ‘Sport,’ Gundogan could announce his departure from the English club if they lift Europe’s top flight trophy on Saturday. As a result, the Catalan giants will be on alert for the Champions League final.

Stay tuned for more updates on this bursty rumor.

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