“Is Arsenal’s Best Move to Ditch Arteta? The Perplexing and Bursting Dilemma”

"is Arsenal's Best Move To Ditch Arteta? The Perplexing And Bursting Dilemma"

Former Arsenal player and current ‘The Sun’ columnist Tony Adams has expressed his opinion on Mikel Arteta, advocating that the London club should begin searching for a new manager. After Arteta’s comments regarding his team’s inability to win the Premier League, Adams remains unconvinced and believes that a significant portion of the squad has already peaked and will not be able to compete with Manchester City next season. Despite Arsenal having spent over €400 million on new signings since Arteta’s appointment in 2019, Adams claims that none of these players are of the calibre City would have been interested in. Furthermore, he believes that the team was mentally, physically, and emotionally depleted, and Arteta lacked confidence in his bench players. Although Adams is not explicitly suggesting that Arsenal dismiss Arteta, he contends that this could ultimately be the best decision for the club.

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