International Partners Call for Calm as Violence Intensifies in Northern Somalia

International Partners Call For Calm As Violence Intensifies In Northern Somalia

Tuesday August 29, 2023

The recent escalation of conflict between the Somali army and local fighters in Northern Somalia’s Las Anod town in northern Somalia has been strongly condemned by international partners.

Partners such as the African Union, the United Nations, and the European Union have joined forces to call for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire from all parties involved. In a joint statement issued in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, on Sunday evening, they emphasized the need to halt the mobilization of fighters and the supply of weapons and ammunition.

The partners expressed deep concern over reports of numerous detainees and stressed the importance of respecting human rights and international humanitarian law. They particularly highlighted the need to safeguard the well-being of civilians and civilian infrastructure.

The conflict between the Northern Somalia army and the SSC-Khatumo loyalist fighters has escalated, with the local fighters claiming to have seized the Gojacade base on the outskirts of Las Anod town.

The fighting in Las Anod, which has resulted in the displacement of thousands of people, has been ongoing since February 6th. Local clan elders declared their separation from Northern Somalia, asserting that the Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn regions are now under the governance of the Somali government.

Both sides involved in the conflict are reportedly utilizing heavy artillery and machine guns, causing significant damage, including to healthcare facilities in the area.

The international partners stressed the crucial need for unimpeded humanitarian access and the delivery of assistance to those in need.

“We urge all parties to refrain from engaging in divisive rhetoric. It is essential that any grievances and tensions be resolved peacefully through dialogue,” stated the partners.

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