Injured police officer in Garowe town during confrontation with drug addicts

Injured Police Officer In Garowe Town During Confrontation With Drug Addicts

On Sunday, August 20, 2023, a clash occurred between police and an armed group of drug addicts at a police station in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland State. One police officer was injured during the altercation.

Mohamud Bile Fardaful, the Deputy Commander of the Nugaal region police command, pointed fingers at the armed men led by Colonel Jim’ale Takar, a former Danab commando force member, as the culprits behind the clash.

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According to Fardaful, the confrontation arose when the armed group brought a civilian to the station whom they had previously subjected to torture. They alleged that the civilian, who was driving a car, had collided with their vehicle.

Things escalated when the police and the armed group disagreed on how to handle the civilian’s case, resulting in the gunmen opening fire on the stationed officers.

In response, the deputy police commander of the Nugal region assured that the individuals responsible for the incident would face legal consequences.

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