I strongly believe that our team was equal or superior to the Spurs

I Strongly Believe That Our Team Was Equal Or Superior To The Spurs

Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana expressed his thoughts and emotions following the team’s 0-2 loss to Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. He firmly stated to the reporters that he believes Tottenham was not superior to Manchester United.

This defeat marked Tottenham’s first victory of the season, while Manchester United struggled with two disappointing performances at the beginning of the campaign.

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Despite the outcome, a number of players on the Manchester United team disagreed with the result of Saturday’s match. Andre Onana, who recently joined the Red Devils, spoke to the press after the game and expressed his disbelief that Postecoglou’s men were better than their team.

“I genuinely don’t believe that they were better than us. Although we made some mistakes in the second half, it’s important to remember that football is not solely determined by one half. I feel that we started the game very well and created scoring opportunities,” Onana stated during his interview with ‘Sky Sports’.

“However, unfortunately, we weren’t able to convert those chances into goals. I believe this was a pivotal moment for us. If we had scored in the first half, the game would have taken a completely different course,” Onana further explained.

“Scoring goals is a fundamental aspect of football, especially when facing strong opponents. We had significant opportunities, but we couldn’t find the back of the net. As a result, we have to face the consequences. However, it’s crucial for us to remain composed, continue working hard, and if we maintain our current efforts, things will improve by the end of the season,” Onana concluded optimistically.

Source: [Twitter](https://twitter.com/thespursweb/status/1693167224939331640?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw)

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