I might have stretched the truth a bit claiming Nunes was amongst the world’s finest

I Might Have Stretched The Truth A Bit Claiming Nunes Was Amongst The World's Finest

Pep Guardiola has revisited his previous remarks about Matheus Nunes in 2022 and set the record straight. The esteemed manager of Manchester City has always been vocal about his admiration for his players, but sometimes he finds the need to correct himself, just like he did with Nunes.

Nunes, the Portuguese midfielder, was a significant addition to the Sky Blues’ midfield. When Guardiola encountered him while Nunes was playing for Sporting CP back in February 2022, the coach went so far as to label him as one of the world’s finest players.

However, now that Nunes is part of his team, Guardiola had to acknowledge his earlier statement by saying, “Perhaps I expressed myself a bit excessively when I referred to Matheus Nunes as one of the best players in the world.” This admission came after Manchester City’s victory over Nottingham Forest.

Guardiola went on to elaborate, saying, “He remains an exceptional player, but I may have made that statement in the heat of the moment, possibly after a 5-1 win. I cannot recall the exact circumstances, but he is undoubtedly a highly talented footballer.”

Source: September 26, 2023