“Huh? Messi and my future are not intertwined!”

Midfield maestro, Sergio Busquets, was bestowed with a grand tribute at the illustrious Camp Nou after the Real Sociedad bout. Despite his departure from Barcelona, the star has yet to determine his next destination, a choice he will make post-season. Busquets confirmed that his decision is independent of Leo Messi, brushing off rumors of a joint venture in Saudi Arabia or the MLS.

During the game against Real Sociedad, Busquets commenced on the pitch until Xavi substituted him in the 84th minute to an overwhelming reception of faithful supporters, thanking him for his years of devotion. Losing to Sociedad 1-2 following their recent La Liga victory, the captain spoke with the press. When asked about his future, he expressed uncertainty, revealing that he has several options, but nothing has been finalized. He emphasized that he’s determined to relish in his farewell, and won’t make a decision until La Liga culminates.

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For Busquets, one certainty is that he is the sole author of his fate and not influenced by Messi, elaborating, “Everyone has to make their own decisions, everyone leads different lives, with their own families, and intentions. Naturally, I would love to play with him again, but my future is not intertwined with his.”

As for his plans, Busquets stated, “I won’t change my mind. I’m not like Mateu Alemany… Everything has a beginning and an end. From now on, I’ll support Barca from wherever I am and be another fan. I believe they can achieve further success. We built a robust team capable of competing with anyone.”

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