Horn states embroiled in strife as Sudan war compounds already raging migrant crisis

In a shocking turn of events, Sudan has joined the ranks of Somalia, South Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia in producing a disturbingly high number of forced migrants. The country’s three-week long war has displaced at least 800,000 people who have fled to nearby countries like South Sudan, Chad, the Central African Republic and Ethiopia. The UN’s refugee agency has warned about the dire situation unfolding in Sudan and has pleaded for help. The International Organisation for Migration’s new report reveals that the wider Horn of Africa has seen the highest number of migrations in Africa, with 8.5 million people moving due to conflict, climate change, poverty and inequality. The report notes that out of the 12 countries in the region, there are 22.3 million displaced persons, including internally displaced persons, refugees, and migrant workers. The problem is spiraling out of control, and more needs to be done to manage border controls and eradicate the root causes of these mass migrations.

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