Honoring the Legacy of Celebrated Somali Musician Ahmed Naji Sa’ad

Honoring The Legacy Of Celebrated Somali Musician Ahmed Naji Sa'ad

Tributes Pouring In for the Late Ahmed Naji Sa’ad, Esteemed Somali Musician

Renowned Somali musician, Ahmed Naji Sa’ad, who passed away in London earlier this week, is being honored with heartfelt tributes. Naji, celebrated as a singer, musician, poet, and composer, enjoyed a nearly seven-decade-long career. His songs promoting peace and patriotism have made him a revered figure in the global Somali community.

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Following the outbreak of civil war in Somalia in 1991, Naji sought refuge in London, making it his permanent home. He only made occasional visits back to Somalia, according to local media reports. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud paid his respects, acknowledging Naji as a heavyweight Somali musician who commanded great respect from the Somali people. “His work played an immense role in the development of Somali literature, patriotism, and culture,” President Mohamud stated.

Reports from Somalia confirmed that Naji passed away in London on Monday after a period of illness. Somalia’s Information Minister, Daud Aweis, expressed deep sadness over the loss, referring to Naji as a true icon in Somali arts. Aweis praised his talent as a composer, singer, musician, and teacher, emphasizing his lasting impact.

Born in Mogadishu in 1939, Naji discovered his love for music during his school years before embarking on his full-fledged musical career in 1954. Abdullahi Mohamed Abukar, a Somali songwriter who collaborated with Naji, hailed him as one of the greatest musicians in Somalia. Despite fleeing the country during the outbreak of civil war, Naji continuously demonstrated his concern for his homeland and its people through his compositions. As a refugee residing outside Somalia, he composed numerous songs advocating for peace and unity among Somalis. Abukar stated that Naji remained optimistic and conveyed his prayers for the country through his music.

After Somalia gained independence, Naji joined Radio Mogadishu and eventually became the director of the music department. According to media reports, he remained a prominent figure on the station’s programs. UN mission chief in Somalia, Catriona Lang, expressed her sorrow over the passing of Ahmed Naji Sa’ad, recognizing his significant contributions to Somalia’s cultural landscape.

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