“Holy cow! Deco has just landed in Barcelona to negotiate a brand spanking new deal??!!”

The great news resounding across football circles has to do with the plausible appointment of Deco in place of the great Mateu Alemany at Barcelona. Apparently, the negotiations are already underway as Deco has been spotted at Camp Nou in the company of the President, Joan Laporta, to formalize his new contract.

Inarguably, Deco, the former Portuguese player, has built a solid reputation as a football agent, making him hesitant to take up the director of football role at Barcelona. However, the Catalan club is resolute in their pursuit of him to fill in as successor to Mateu Alemany.

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Reports have it that Barcelona’s board is confident that Deco has the expertise to oversee the planning and execution of the summer transfer window to strengthen the team. More so, local media substantiates that Deco’s meeting went well with Joan Laporta, Rafael Yuste, and Enric Masip to thrash out the deal. With a proposed contract till 2026, everyone is eager to see how this one pans out.

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