High-ranking Al-Shabaab leader turns himself in to authorities in Somalia

High-ranking Al-shabaab Leader Turns Himself In To Authorities In Somalia

Top Al-Shabaab Commander Surrenders in Somalia

In a significant development, a high-ranking official of the Al-Shabaab militant group has surrendered in Somalia. This comes as the country launches military operations nationwide to reclaim strategic towns previously controlled by militants, who have been responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians and security forces.

The defector was presented to the public in Wisil tow, located in the Mudug region. This event follows the withdrawal of security forces from various frontlines after suffering considerable losses during an ambush by Al-Shabaab in Oswein. The government has described this retreat as a “tactical” move.

The Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs, and Reconciliation, Ahmed Moallim Fiqi, has identified the official as Nur Abdullahi Maalinguur, also known as Nur Deeq, according to Voice of America reports. Nur Deeq served as the Al-Shabaab commander in Mudug, a region where the group has been gaining influence in recent weeks. His defection is expected to significantly boost the morale of the local army.

The minister revealed that Nur Deeq was responsible for making threatening phone calls to members of the business community, traditional elders, and other members of the local community. Al-Shabaab has been exploiting extortion as a means of generating revenue, amassing millions of dollars to fund their activities.

“This surrender indicates a decline in al-Shabab’s morale, and the removal of a significant threat from Mudug,” shared Fiqi on his Facebook page.

According to the US State Department, Al-Shabaab militants generate up to $120 million annually, with $24 million allocated for weapons procurement. The remaining funds are utilized for logistics and paying their fighters.

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