The Worst Meals for Your Vaginal Well being

You already know that what you eat can influence your power ranges, pores and skin, temper, intestine well being—all the pieces in your physique! And for ladies, that features your woman elements.

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And whereas consuming a weight loss plan wealthy in probiotics (suppose Greek yogurt), antioxidants, like beta-carotene present in candy potatoes, and low-sugar cranberry juice (nice for stopping a UTI!), can enhance your vaginal well being, there are additionally some meals that may be much less useful in maintaining micro organism balanced down there.

So that will help you keep on tack, we spoke to consultants to uncover the most important offenders you need to keep away from, as they’re the worst meals for vaginal well being. This fashion, you’ll be able to give attention to stocking up on the meals that can hold your vagina blissful!



“Sugar on sweet and different meals objects promote vaginal yeast development as a result of the vagina releases secretions that include sugar, which paves the best way for yeast to build up within the moistened space,” says Dr. Sunitha D. Posina MD, a board-certified internist and locum hospitalist in New York. Sugar can even alter the pH degree of the vagina, which might immediate extra yeast and bacterial development within the vagina, too.

Processed Meals

Ridge potato chips in bag

Sorry, however it is time to ditch the packaged snack meals.

“Meals which can be processed, reminiscent of packaged sweets, popcorn, smoked meats, dairy, and dried fruits, can have an effect on your immune system, and in case your immune system is oppressed by your diet, this may trigger micro organism to populate the world, inflicting itching, infections, together with bacterial vaginosis,” says Dr. Posina.

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Meat and Dairy With Preservatives


“Once you eat meat or eat merchandise derived from animals who’ve been infused with development hormones like xenoestrogen, which belongs to a bunch of xenohormones, compounds are often artificially created to imitate the traits of hormones,” says Dr. Posina. This may truly disrupt endocrine perform and the trail of estrogen to the vagina, leaving it liable to an infection.


alcoholic drinks

Extra alcohol can dehydrate your system, and very similar to the response in your mouth and to some extent your pores and skin, your vagina can even change into dehydrated if you’re consuming an excessive amount of with out consuming water.

“An excessive amount of alcohol can even have an effect on your sexual expertise because the vagina has a harder time self-lubricating previous to intercourse,” provides Dr. Posina.

Excessive-Fats, Greasy Meals

fast food fries coming out of fryer

Quick meals, like these beloved cheeseburgers and French fries, could make your vaginal well being worse.

“Excessive fats—particularly fried meals—can have an effect on the stability of micro organism within the vagina and are additionally related to the next threat for bacterial vaginosis,” says Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDCES, FAND. BV is a bacterial an infection that may trigger a foul odor and discomfort.

White Bread

White bread

Should you want another excuse to ditch the white bread and go for entire grain or entire wheat, right here it’s.

“Refined carbs could cause a fast spike in blood sugar and this may increasingly improve your threat for bacterial vaginosis or creating a yeast an infection,” says Sheth.


grilled asparagus on wooden surface

Consuming asparagus might do greater than make your urine odor. It might additionally have an effect on your vaginal pH, which can make it extra liable to infections, says Sheth.


cup of coffee

That cup of java is sweet on your mind, nevertheless it is probably not nice on your vagina.

“Espresso might negatively have an effect on our physique’s means to battle candida and improve threat of a yeast an infection,” says Sheth.


beef steak

Steak is excessive in saturated fats, which might result in irritation. And that is not preferrred for vaginal well being.

“Generalized irritation negatively alters the physique’s immune system’s means to battle infections, growing the danger of buying vaginal infections,” says Felice Gersh, M.D., award-winning OB/GYN and founder/director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, in Irvine, CA and the creator of PCOS SOS Fertility Quick Observe.

Artificially Sweetened Drinks


Artificially sweetened drinks impair the intestine barrier, growing threat of leaky intestine. Leaky intestine releases inflammatory cytokines, which might even result in heightened anxiousness and despair.

“There’s an affiliation of temper issues and vaginal well being. Temper issues will decrease libido, which in flip can not directly influence upon vaginal well being,” says Gersh.

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