Surprising negative effects of taking vitamin D dietary supplements after 50

One day we drive and enjoy our youth. And so one day we wake up in your 50s, and we find drugs, cracks and other emotions that we have never experienced before.

Unfortunately, as we age, so does our risk of developing certain health conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, and high blood pressure. In other words, a 50-year-old body is very different from a 20-year-old body. And because of this, taking certain supplements can result in some surprising effects when we reach a certain age. (Related: Best supplements for people over 50, say nutritionists.)

Many of us have jumped on the vitamin D supplement bandwagon in recent years. This supplement has become so popular that it is now the second most common supplement consumed by Americans, next to a general multivitamin. And with the presence of Severe vitamin D deficiency is 5.9% in the United States, it is really good that many people are trying to combat this situation.

Vitamin D is unique because the human body, when exposed to the sun, can produce this nutrient. However, since most of us do not bake in the sun we used to reduce the ability to produce this important vitamin.

In addition, the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D in the elderly has been estimated at approx 25% of it in people aged 20-30 years who are exposed to the same amount of sunlight.

If you are over 50 and you fall into the category of “vitamin D supplements”, here are some side effects that you may experience. Read on, and for more on how to eat healthy, do not miss the 7 healthiest foods to eat right now.

You may have stronger legs.

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As people age, theirs the risk of osteoporosis increases. Approximately 10 million adults, over the age of 50, suffer from osteoporosis and 34 million have reduced bone mass or osteopenia. Fortunately, vitamin D supplementation has been approved for higher bone density and a reduced risk of developing osteoporosis (weaker legs).

Especially for women who are postmenopausal, the focus on bone health is important the risk of fracture increases. And who wants to deal with a bone fracture when you do not have to?

You may experience less depression.

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More than half of depression cases are manifested later in life. And late depressions are associated with increased risk of morbidity, increased risk of suicide, decreased physical, cognitive and social function and greater self-neglect, all of which in turn are associated with increased mortality.

Several vitamin D receptors have been identified in the brain that affect mood, suggesting that low vitamin D levels may be associated with cognitive decline and symptoms of depression.

There are direct links between Low levels of vitamin D in serum higher risk of late life depression. Taking vitamin D supplements can help support healthy vitamin D levels, possibly fighting depression.

You may have a lower cancer risk.

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Increasing age is the most important risk factor for certain cancers. The the incidence of cancer increases steadily overall as age increases, which means that it is important to find ways to reduce the risk as you age.

Results from a study published in BMJ suggests that high levels of vitamin D are associated with a 20% lower risk of certain cancers in both men and women compared to those with low vitamin D levels. If you take vitamin D supplements and stop having levels on the higher side, you may also notice a reduced risk of certain cancers.

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You can have healthy blood pressure.

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There is a link between low levels of vitamin D and many diseases associated with aging, one of which is high blood pressure. The risk of high blood pressure increases significantly as a person ages.

Observation data have shown a link between low vitamin D levels and increased incidence of high blood pressure and risk of high blood pressure. So one surprising side effect you may experience if you take vitamin D supplements regularly is healthy blood pressure, even if it does not mean that you can not neglect to follow an overall healthy diet.

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You can have a healthy immune system.

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As a person ages, theirs the immune system gradually deteriorates. An association between low levels of vitamin D in serum and increased risk of developing several immune-related diseases and disturbances (including COVID-19) have been observed. Along with washing your hands and following all CDC recommendations, you can make sure your vitamin D levels are in check to stay away.

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