5 shocking results of consuming tomatoes, say dietitians

Whether you slice them on a hamburger recent from the grill, put them in a salad so as to add somewhat shade and texture, or fry them with garlic for a hearty pasta dish, there may be nothing that makes a meal the identical as recent tomatoes.

Especially once they are in season – between May and October – this juicy fruit (sure, it’s technically a fruit) is nice not solely in style but in addition in potential well being advantages. That stated, tomatoes are usually not for everybody. They occur to be certainly one of them most typical meals allergy symptoms. They may trigger some disagreeable digestive signs in some folks. On the opposite hand, tomatoes additionally occur to be antioxidant powerhouses and filled with many different essential nutritional vitamins and vitamins.

With that in thoughts, listed here are some shocking issues that may occur to your physique once you eat recent tomatoes. Read on, and for extra on how one can eat wholesome, don’t miss the key uncomfortable side effects of consuming watermelon, science says.

You have a lowered danger of sun-damaged pores and skin.

Tomatoes are filled with carotenoidsa sure sort of antioxidant that protects your pores and skin from solar injury, in keeping with Elena Paravantes, RDfounding father of Olive tomato weblog and writer of The Mediterranean food regimen cookbook for newcomers.

In reality, a research from 2017 in Scientific reviews discovered that common consumption of tomatoes can stop you from getting a tan and thereby scale back the danger of UVB-induced pores and skin tumors.

Your temper can enhance.

woman holding tomatoes over eyes and smiling

Tomatoes not solely improve the style of your meal – they may enhance your temper in the long term as properly.

A research from 2013 in Journal of Affective Disorders discovered that individuals who ate tomatoes two to 6 instances per week have been 46% much less probably to report gentle or extreme signs of despair in contrast with those that ate tomatoes lower than as soon as per week. It is noteworthy that different greens utilized in the research didn’t produce the identical impact.

“Researchers are not sure which nutrients are causing that effect, but they believe it may be the antioxidants – including lycopene,” says Paravantes.

You can have some indigestion.

tomatoes growing on vines

Tomatoes are usually not for everybody. If you’ve acid reflux disorder, for instance, this explicit fruit can set off your signs, inflicting a wide range of disagreeable signs comparable to heartburn, bloating or indigestion.

“Fresh tomatoes are packed with citric and malic acids that tend to increase stomach acid,” says Nataly Komova, RDa health knowledgeable on JustCBD. “Regular consumption of fresh tomatoes increases excessive production of gastric juice, which can aggravate acid reflux.”

This doesn’t essentially imply you could not eat tomatoes in any respect if you’ve acid reflux disorder, however you will likely have to persist with small quantities and monitor your signs.

Your physique can take up iron extra effectively.

heirloom cherry tomatoes

Did you already know that sure meals truly assist your physique take up different vitamins higher? Tomatoes are one such meals, in keeping with Blanca Garcia, RDNa nutritionist for The well being channel. Specifically, they will enable you to take up iron, a mineral that performs a key position within the manufacturing of hemoglobin and myoglobinproteins that assist transport oxygen to the muscle groups and organs all through the physique.

Garcia says tomatoes can do that as a result of of their spectacular vitamin C: A 1 cup serving incorporates 27% of your beneficial every day worth.

Your wounds can heal sooner.


“Vitamin C is needed to make collagen, a protein found in connective tissue that helps with wound healing,” says Garcia. “Having a steady intake of vitamin C can help your body heal faster when you cut yourself, recover from surgery or have a pressure ulcer from being bedridden.”

In reality, a 2016 research of hospital sufferers in International Journal of Surgery discovered that when topics took 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C supplementation, they skilled “drastically” sooner and higher therapeutic of “extensive and complicated” wounds.

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