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It’s a constant struggle that many people face: how to lose that annoying belly fat? Flabby belly doesn’t just go wrong when trying to fit into your favorite skinny jeans: Belly fat can actually be dangerous to our health.

“It is important to reduce belly fat because this visceral fat is located near vital organs in the body, including the kidneys, liver and digestive organs,” says Dr. Josh Ax, DNM, CNS, founder of Ancient nutrition and author of the forthcoming book Ancient cure. “This type of fat can more easily enter the bloodstream and cause health problems such as clogged arteries and high blood pressure.”

But unfortunately, if you ask our experts, targeting belly fat is a bit of a herculean task.

“Despite what the information of late at night would make you believe, you can not lose belly fat without reducing the body’s total body fat, and the stomach is one of the body’s main repositories,” explains Robert Herbst, personal trainer and 19-time world champion. powerlifters.

Jeanine Duval, certified Kaivalya yoga instructor and co-founder at Edelwyn, agree with.

“The notion that site-specific exercises are effective is more based on hope than actual evidence,” she says. “Although it would make everyone’s lives easier if there was a specific exercise that would remove belly fat, in reality it is not that simple.”

And while it is impossible to spot-target fat loss no matter who you are, for some, the task of reducing belly fat becomes even more difficult due to simple genetics.

“Some people will carry extra weight on their stomachs, others on their thighs, hips, buttocks and so on,” said Michael Julom, CrossFit athlete, ACE-certified personal trainer and founder of “They will lose the last. If you are prone to losing belly fat, you will do so quickly, at the beginning of your weight loss journey. If not, you will need to lose weight all over your body to reduce fat around your midsection.”

But resist the urge to throw in the towel! There is hope of losing belly fat, and it does not lie in targeting the belly but losing fat in general.

“The total weight loss translates into a smaller waist in addition to a smaller number on the scale,” he says MyNetDiary self-registered dietitian, Johanna Kriehn.

And besides, according to our experts, there are some ways to help stubborn belly fat become a concern for the past. And while you’re at it, try one of these 15 underrated weight loss tips that actually work.

While a combination of diet and exercise is often hailed as the secret to weight loss, according to most experts, including Matt Becher from Athletic grainweight loss begins “in the kitchen, not in the gym.”

“It doesn’t matter how much you exercise,” he says, “you will never run over a bad diet.”

The time for demonizing dietary fat has passed: Research has shown that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat (think keto) can reduce belly fat and increase insulin sensitivity. And while you’re at it, consider increasing your protein intake. Choose fish, lean meats and beans, which some research has been shown to be associated with a lower risk of belly fat.

While it may not be trendy to talk calories, for Elliott Upton, a NASM-certified senior personal trainer at Ultimate Performance, this is an important piece of the puzzle.

“Overall fat loss depends on energy balance – so you spend more calories than you consume from food and drink,” says Upton. “The ‘secret’ behind every diet is that it creates the calorie deficit needed to lose fat.”

Dietary fiber not only helps you stay fuller longer, but it also contributes to improved digestion, which can reduce bloating. Choose cruciferous vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds to increase your fiber intake and reduce belly fat.

“Good foods that promote the reduction of belly fat contain a lot of fiber and healthy fats, such as avocados, eggs and peanut butter,” says Duval. “Their secret is that they increase your metabolism while giving you a feeling that you feel full longer and help you avoid sweet snacks.”

pinch of salt

As with fiber intake, salt intake can affect the stomach. While the salt does not actually reduce belly fat, it can reduce the onset of bloating, which can make your waist appear smaller. A nice trick that will help you feel better about your figure as you continue to lose weight.

intermittent fasting

What you eat is important, but so is it when you eat. Some studies have shown that intermittent fasting can contribute to improved weight loss, not only because by shortening the window one eats in, but one naturally reduces consumed calories. Fasting also causes insulin levels to drop, which can lead to faster weight loss.

man drinking water

It may seem counterintuitive at first, though Drinking water is the best way to retain water. When dehydrated, the body tends to stick to every drop of water it has, giving you a more inflated look. Drinking enough water not only reduces this bloating; it also reduces the urge to talk thoughtlessly and prevents you from confusing thirst for hunger.

“Drinking water before eating can help quench your thirst and take a seat in your stomach,” Kreihn explains. “When the stomach feels full, it sends a signal to the brain to stop eating. Water in the stomach at the beginning of a meal will help you reach a state of fullness faster and thus eat less.” Studies have shown that increasing water consumption can contribute to improved weight loss.

Woman drinking iced green tea

When you have had enough water, give green tea a whirl! For Jolene Caufield from Healthy Howard, a master’s degree in professional health studies and oriental medicine specializing in health care, healthy lifestyle and well-being, is drinking green tea “the best thing anyone can make a habit of helping to flatten the abdomen.”

“Green tea is an age-old Ayurvedic staple that has been shown to increase metabolism and thus help lose weight and belly fat,” she says. “It relieves bloating and improves bowel health which ultimately reduces the stomach.” Studies has shown the obesity effects of the most important antioxidant in green tea, EGCG, so drink up! And in fact, panelists are testing on 7-day cleaning of flat stomach lost up to £ 10 in a week.

refuses alcohol

Drinking water and green tea really help reduce stomach bloating, but cutting out alcohol is even better. Not only are most alcohol just empty calories (and therefore not exactly helpful for weight loss), however research has shown that alcohol consumption can increase belly fat.

woman walking

Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to use calories. For Caufield, “” your ticket to a core that can bounce blocks is not crunches or sit-ups, it’s cardio. “

Burning extra calories through exercises like walking, jogging or swimming helps you lose your overall silhouette and reveals a flatter, tighter stomach.

Other experts suggest high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a type of training that involves alternating high-intensity training periods (such as sprinting, cycling or burpees) with rest periods (walking or light jogging). The the benefits of HIIT on weight loss has helped contribute to the popularity of programs like CrossFit.

weightlifting man

In addition to cardio, Becher recommends strength training as “the absolute best way to lose body fat.”

“Cardiovascular exercise is good for losing body fat but strength training is good,” he says. “The energy needed to repair and grow new muscle tissue when you sleep in addition to the energy consumed during the workout itself will far exceed the number of calories burned during and after most cardio sessions.”

Upton agrees.

“Resistance training is one of the most effective ways to change your body composition and support fat loss,” he says. “Exercising your muscles makes you more insulin sensitive and helps improve nutrition, and having lean muscle mass increases your basal metabolism.”

Herbst recommends complex movements, such as squats, lunges, bench presses and deadlifts, to help your body’s metabolism improve, allowing you to burn calories – and fat – even at rest.

you sleep well

It is easy for you to confuse fatigue with hunger, and thoughtless snacks are a way you can pack on serious pounds.

“Not getting enough sleep is a risk factor for weight gain,” says Kreihn. “The theory is that when you are sleepless, you do not have the energy to exercise and reduced sleep has also been associated with increased appetite. Together, an increased appetite and less exercise is a recipe for weight gain.”

Becher states that sleep is also necessary to rebuild muscles after strength training.

“This is due to the fact that the vast majority of muscle growth will happen while you sleep,” he says. “If you do not get enough sleep, your muscles will not have time to grow. If your muscles do not have time to grow, they will not have time to burn fat either.”

Upton agrees and notes that lack of sleep gives you a higher risk of weight gain or weight loss after weight loss. He recommends that you set up a regular bedtime routine and stick to it, control your sleeping environment and avoid exposure to blue light (we look at you, smartphones!) For a few hours before bedtime to maximize sleep quality.

Woman doing morning yoga

Not only can stress make you talkative, but stress hormones like cortisol can make weight loss physiologically more difficult, says Ax. Try to take time to relax with yoga or meditation to reduce the body’s production of these hormones and contribute to improved weight loss.

to train crunches

You can crack until the cows come home. But if that’s all you do, you only have a very firm stomach under a layer of fat. But if you combine ab work with the above techniques, when you finally lose fat, you have a surprise waiting for you.

“It will give you core strength,” says Herbst, “and when you finally lose your belly fat, they will be revealed as jewels when the sand blows away.”

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