Lose your belly fat with these simple bedtime drinks


That belly fat is giving you problems. You struggle to fit into your favorite pair of jeans and it makes you more likely to develop cardiovascular conditions and type 2 diabetes.

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Having a belly fat that measures more than 40 inches or 102 cm in men and 35 inches or 88 cm in women can be considered as abdominal obesity. Getting rid of that excess fat in the abdominal area will not only make you look better but also make you feel better about your health.

There are several ways to lose belly fat. Health experts recommend a combination of exercise and diet to speed up fat loss.

But you can speed up the process by adding certain drinks to your diet. These drinks promise to improve metabolism and burn fat fast, especially when consumed before bedtime.

Weight Loss Drinks Before Sleep

Cucumber, Lemon and Parsley Combo Drink

This beverage can easily be done in the kitchen. It does not require any special ingredients and everything you would need may already be in your refrigerator.

Cucumber is known for being low in calories and having zero fat. It provides good amounts of fiber, which could help reduce bloating, according to Times Of India.

Another important ingredient in your weight loss drink is parsley. This natural diuretic contains vitamins A, B, C and K and helps manage water weight and retention during sleep.

Complete your drink with lemon for additional taste. It could also help improve gut health by supporting functions of the digestive system.

To create your weight loss drink, simply mix lemon juice with water, diced cucumber and a bunch of parsley. Blend the ingredients and drink the juice after your dinner.

Ginger Tea

If you prefer a warm drink before sleep, you can try ginger tea. One hot cup per night could help improve digestion, reduce bloating and fix other stomach issues.

Having a good digestive health may help speed up weight loss since the body eliminates more toxins and absorbs essential nutrients.

Drinks To Avoid To Lose Belly Fat

For faster fat loss, you should avoid drinking products with high amounts of sugar. Added sugar is unhealthy and contributes to excess fat in the belly and liver, according to Healthline.

Studies showed that sugar-sweetened beverages could increase children’s risk of obesity by 60 percent. Avoid soft drinks, fruit juices and high-sugar sports drinks.


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