Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s Remarks on Al-Shabaab’s Reluctance to Engage in Talks with Somali Government

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud's Remarks On Al-shabaab's Reluctance To Engage In Talks With Somali Government

Saturday August 19, 2023

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud offers insights during an interview in Dhusamareeb, Galmudug
Regional State of Somalia

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Dhusamareeb (AX) – Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of the Federal Government of Somalia, has asserted that the Al-Shabaab group lacks the willingness to participate in negotiations with the Somali Government.

In response to inquiries, President Hassan Sheikh mentioned that numerous attempts have been made by the government to initiate dialogue with Al-Shabaab, but these endeavors have proven unsuccessful.

“These individuals are not receptive to engaging in dialogue. As the President of the Somali Government, I have consistently extended offers of amnesty, stating that they will be pardoned, and this offer of pardon remains open,” President Hassan Sheikh declared.

He further emphasized that there is no justification for the government to decline talks with Al-Shabaab. The objective of these discussions would be to cease the violent activities perpetrated by the group and mitigate any potential retaliatory measures from the government.

Hassan Sheikh clarified that his government welcomes all those who decide to disassociate themselves from Al-Shabaab’s ideology. He assured that the government will safeguard the rights of these individuals in the same manner as it does for other citizens.

The President defended the decision to appoint former Al-Shabaab members to government positions. He explained that many within Al-Shabaab have suffered from indoctrination and oppression.

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