Haramad Police forces launch a substantial assault on Al-Shabaab’s base close to Mogadishu

Haramad Police Forces Launch A Substantial Assault On Al-shabaab's Base Close To Mogadishu

Friday March 24, 2023

Mogadishu (AX) – A heavy combat erupted on the outskirts of Mogadishu between Somali police unit Haramcad and Al-Shabaab militants on Thursday evening.

The preventing commenced after the police launched a multi-directional ambush assault on the group’s positions at Ali Mahdi discipline, close to Mogadishu’s Dayniile district. The casualties on each side are unknown.

The command of the Haramad Police Forces recounted that the police defeated the Al-Shabaab militants stationed inside the vicinity however failed to announce any official casualties.

“The Haramad forces launched a massive attack on Al-Shabaab’s base in the Ali Mahdi farm, on the outskirts of Deniile District in the Banadir region. After the Isha prayer, the Mujahideen police forces attacked the enemy positions in the Ali Mahdi field from various directions. After a fierce battle, the police forces were able to defeat the Al-Shabaab militias,” the Haramad Police Command stated in a assertion.

It seriously isn’t the primary time Haramad Police forces have attacked Al-Shabaab services inside the Ali Mahdi discipline inside the Deynile district. Haramad forces, alongside the NISA, have attacked the sphere a number of instances over the past a number of months however have been unable to liberate the vicinity.

During the weekly Council of Ministers assembly on Thursday, chaired by Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, there was a demand extra vigilance in opposition to difficulties deliberate by Al-Shabaab throughout the holy month of Ramadan.