“Guaranteed by Madrid: Contractual Honoring A Perplexing and Bursting Reality”

Real Madrid’s esteemed coach, Carlo Ancelotti, graced the press room in anticipation of their clash against Valencia. The Italian, a master of football, promised to end the season on a high note, however, the matter of his future was once in doubt after their woeful defeat in Manchester. Ultimately, the coach confirmed that he shall continue with the club through his contract until 2024, with the assurance that he will honour his commitment.

The painful loss to Manchester City left a lasting sting, but nevertheless, the team must push forward and remain focused on the next Champions League. Ancelotti, an experienced tactician, iterated that the team was in high spirits and well-rested, and that his best players would feature on the pitch. In his meeting with the illustrious Florentino, the coach was reassured of their ambition to do things right, and they move forward with excitement and enthusiasm.

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May 20, 2023

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