“Governor Tim Walz leaves Uber, Lyft drivers befuddled and flabbergasted by vetoing rideshare bill”

"governor Tim Walz Leaves Uber, Lyft Drivers Befuddled And Flabbergasted By Vetoing Rideshare Bill"

On Thursday, May 25, 2023, a rally was held at the Minnesota State Capitol by Uber and Lyft drivers in support of legislation that would have provided them with increased wages and workplace protections. However, Governor Tim Walz vetoed the bill, which has angered many lawmakers of color. They note that the majority of the drivers who mobilized around the legislation are of Somali and East African descent. The governor’s veto was his first in his five years in office and has left many drivers feeling disappointed and ignored. Nevertheless, Governor Walz issued an executive order for a study and working group to convene next year to address these concerns. Uber issued a statement threatening to stop serving Minnesota outside of the metro area if the bill was signed into law. After Governor Walz’s announcement, Uber issued another statement, saying they were willing to compromise on future legislation. Similarly, Lyft released a statement thanking the governor for his veto and said they look forward to continuing engagement on future legislation in Minnesota. The Minnesota House and Senate People of Color and Indigenous Caucus also issued a statement expressing their disappointment with Governor Walz’s veto.

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