“Good heavens! What a calamity has Boehly wrought!”

"good Heavens! What A Calamity Has Boehly Wrought!"

It has been reported that Gary Neville has launched a scathing attack on Todd Boehly, placing blame for the current disastrous state of Chelsea’s Premier League campaign squarely on the North American owner. According to Neville, before Boehly took over, the club had a successful way of managing themselves, but this season’s shambles is due to his poor leadership. Neville compared Boehly’s approach to playing Football Manager and called the situation terrible. The ex-Manchester United player recommended that the owner leave managing to those with Premier League experience and lambasted the decision to fire gardeners, physiotherapists, sports scientists, directors, and managers, placing the blame solely on them. Neville then stated that a new arrival, such as Mauricio Pochettino, would be a good addition to the team and help to challenge the top three, and “mould them into a decent side.” Despite the unfavorable situation, Boehly is still insisting that Chelsea is a long-term project. However, with the club unlikely to be in European competitions next season, this is a significant blow to the London side.

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