Garowe’s Militia Dilemma Escalates Amidst Puzzling Power Battle in Puntland

Garowe's Militia Dilemma Escalates Amidst Puzzling Power Battle In Puntland

Garowe, the city that’s been peacefully existing on the outskirts, has been jolted by an unexpected and bewildering entrance of rival militia forces. These formidable militias took over the town early Monday morning, causing chaos and obstructing the main roads, leaving residents utterly perplexed and disoriented.

The root cause of this intensifying situation can be traced back to recent developments in the Puntland parliament. Discussions about an extraordinary meeting to revise the constitution’s political party provisions have sparked heightened tensions among its members. President Deni, advocating for a rapid constitutional review, has deployed numerous troops to government centers and vital roadways as a preventive measure against possible militia attacks.

These militaristic activities have wreaked havoc on the flow of traffic, leading to widespread disruption and inconvenience for the innocent residents of Garowe. Moreover, the gravity of the situation has forced individuals residing near the parliament building to flee their homes, desperately seeking safety elsewhere.

In the early hours of the morning, the tranquil town was unexpectedly disrupted by the harrowing echoes of machine gun fire. This unsettling incident has been attributed to opposition forces who identify themselves as the enigmatic Danab commandos.
Just a few days prior, the army had sternly cautioned the parliament against taking any actions regarding constitutional matters, emphasizing severe consequences for those responsible.

The current state of Garowe paints a vivid picture of a fragile power struggle, fueled by deeply rooted political disagreements. This unsettling scenario precisely highlights the urgent need for meaningful dialogue and a peaceful resolution to avert any further unrest.

In a shocking turn of events on Saturday, President Said Abdullahi Deni relieved Security Minister Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Abdiweli Hirsi Mire from their duties, citing a clear lack of satisfactory performance.

The dismissal of the influential Security Minister Abdisamad Gallan comes at a time when President Deni faces mounting political challenges from former allies, adding an extra layer of bewildering complexity to the already perplexing situation.

Just last month, the semi-autonomous state of Puntland courageously held the first one-person, one-vote elections in over half a century within the conflict-ridden and fragile Horn of Africa nation. It is important to note that these elections excluded the unrecognized breakaway region of Northern Somalia, which unequivocally considers itself an independent republic.

However, regrettably, the local council elections failed to take place in Garowe and two other districts due to an unfortunate political conflict between the government and the opposition.