“Furious Espanyol Fans Chase Victorious Barca Players out of Pitch!”

On Sunday, during Barcelona’s La Liga victory celebrations, there was a chaotic scene at the RCDE Stadium in Cornella. The elated Barcelona players were forcefully chased from the field by a swarm of angry Espanyol supporters, leaving coach Xavi Hernandez struggling to contain his team’s intense emotions. Despite thrashing Espanyol 4-2 on their home turf, around 100 enraged Espanyol fans invaded the pitch after the game. In a frantic scene, the Barcelona players quickly sprinted down the tunnel to escape the hostile crowd. Xavi expressed the difficulty in controlling his squad’s enthusiasm after their hard-fought victory, stating, “It was a very emotional moment, a moment very hard not to celebrate.” Additionally, in a show of respect towards their opponents, the coach reminded his team that they were not in Barcelona’s home stadium, and hence must maintain a sense of decorum. Xavi had already retreated inside and warned his players to follow suit, as he did not see the supporters running onto the field. Despite the tense atmosphere, Barcelona’s celebrations were nonetheless well-earned and joyous.

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