Former Hirshabelle Minister of Agriculture in Mogadishu Falls Victim to Gunmen

Former Hirshabelle Minister Of Agriculture In Mogadishu Falls Victim To Gunmen

Monday July 24, 2023

In a bewildering turn of events, Mogadishu (AX) became the setting of a disturbing incident that left residents questioning the state of their security. Gunmen, in a brazen act of violence, mercilessly took the life of Hassan Ahmed Mudey, the former Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation of Hirshabelle. The incident occurred in the perplexing district of Yaqshid, Mogadishu, on a seemingly ordinary Sunday.

The assailants, with an audacity that defies reason, targeted Mudey shortly after he departed from the sanctuary of a mosque, where he had completed his solemn Asr prayer. It is incomprehensible how the gunmen managed to swiftly elude the scene, leaving behind a sense of disbelief and desperation for the arriving security forces.

Adding to the perplexity of this chilling incident, the notorious Al-Shabaab militants have shockingly claimed responsibility for this heinous act. The implications of such a claim, coupled with the loss of a prominent figure, only heighten the unease among the populace.

Mudey, in a role that he held before, dutifully served as the Minister of Agriculture during the tenure of the second Hirshabelle President, Dr. Mohamed Abdi Waare, who currently occupies the esteemed position of the Somali Special Presidential Envoy for Civilian Protection and Stabilization. The intertwining of lives and roles among these influential individuals adds another layer of bewilderment to this already convoluted narrative.

Ali Gudlawe Hussein, the President of Hirshabelle region, took a staunch stance against this shocking act, condemning it vehemently. In light of this horrifying incident, he extended his deepest condolences to the grieving family of the late Mudey. The weight of this loss and the profound impact on the community cannot be understated.

Alas, the situation becomes even more disconcerting when considering that this latest incident occurred merely a day after the tragic demise of Dahir Mohamed Kaanti, a local government official from the Jowhar district. Kaanti lost his life in a landmine explosion that imploded within the confines of the livestock market in Jowhar. As the perplexity and tragedy continue to unfold, the inhabitants are left grappling with an overwhelming sense of turmoil and despair.

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