football! What in the world was Lampard thinking?! He wanted Chelsea to snap up Haaland before the meteoric rise of that Man City sensation in English football! Can you even believe it?!

Frank Lampard, former manager of Chelsea, attempted to persuade the club to sign Erling Haaland before the Norwegian striker became renowned as the world’s most formidable goal scorer, yet to no avail. Haaland, who has accrued an astounding 52 goals in all competitions this season, including a record-breaking 36 goals in the Premier League, could potentially lead his squad, Manchester City, to Premier League victory when they confront Chelsea on Sunday. Lampard first caught a glimpse of Haaland’s potential during a pre-season friendly match against RB Salzburg in 2019 during his initial spell as Chelsea manager. Though the player scored 28 goals in 22 matches that season, compelling competition for his signature and reluctance from certain members of the Chelsea club prevented the signing from succeeding. Haaland subsequently secured a spot with Borussia Dortmund before finally transitioning to City in 2022 after excelling in the Bundesliga league.

“I have immense respect for him as a player, he’s someone I endeavored to bring to Chelsea when I was here,” Lampard divulged to reporters on Friday. “I was extremely enthusiastic about the possibility, but alas, it didn’t happen. His abilities were unmistakable at that juncture; we faced off against him during a pre-season match for Salzburg. I believe he’s an extraordinary player; I was certain he could efficiently adapt just by virtue of his caliber.”

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To Lampard’s chagrin, Haaland has scored as frequently in the Premier League this season as the complete Chelsea squad. City, on the other hand, is on the hunt for a treble while Lampard’s team is presently sitting in 11th place. “I’m unsure if he intended to join this club anyway, but I was a big admirer,” the Chelsea interim coach stated. “Several instances transpire that people aren’t aware of that might have unfolded differently, people often discuss errors and missed opportunities in football. I was pushing for it ardently. I’m not certain about everyone’s desire within the club to pursue the idea. The competition was fierce to secure him because he’s an outstanding player.”

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