Football League Brentford’s Toney slapped with whopping eight-month ban for staggering betting trespasses in the English Football League!

Brentford’s very own goal-scoring machine, Ivan Toney, has been handed a lengthy eight-month ban from engaging in any football-related activities, including training with his team-mates. This news comes as a result of Toney’s alleged whopping 262 breaches of football betting rules over a four-year period, which earned him a fine of £50,000. Toney, who has admitted to 232 of these breaches, will be serving his ban up to and including January 16, 2024, in what could be a massive setback for Brentford as they approach the end of their Premier League campaign. An FA statement released on Wednesday ominously reinforces the severity of the situation by stating that Toney has been suspended “with immediate effect.” Although he scored 21 goals in 35 appearances for the club this season, Toney’s absence from the squad until September 17 will undoubtedly be keenly felt.

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