Football history…but how??!

The highly esteemed Manchester City have triumphantly claimed their fifth Premier League crown, putting them on the precipice of a rare and highly coveted treble. On the striking day of Saturday, this remarkable English outfit turned in a performance worthy of the ages, conclusively securing this their flabbergasting fifth Premier League title since the club’s inception. It is worth noting that they achieved this incredible feat without even having to compete, as their insurmountable four point lead over runner-up Arsenal was confirmed after their loss to Nottingham Forest.

The renowned coach, Guardiola, and his exceptional squad will now set their sights on securing the treble, competing in the revered FA Cup final against Manchester United on the 3rd of June, followed by an ultimate showdown against the imposing Inter Milan on the 10th of June in the Champions League final.

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Manchester City is a force to behold, achieving the unexpected by overtaking favourites Arsenal in the title race. A significant turning point was their win against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium on 26th April, ending 4-1 in favour of the Sky Blues, thanks to contributions from Kevin de Bruyne, John Stones, and the prolific Erling Haaland. This loss dashed Arsenal’s dreams of lifting the trophy, as they fought vigorously to regain the lead but were no match for this all-conquering City outfit. Their statistics speak for themselves, having lost only four games during the season, securing 27 wins, and having drawn four times.

Central to their dominance is the meteoric rise of Erling Haaland. Despite only recently joining from Borussia Dortmund, Haaland wasted no time adjusting to the Premier League, amassing a remarkable 36 goals in just 33 games at the time of writing. Haaland set a new Premier League record of 36 goals and counting in a campaign, surpassing Alan Shearer’s 34 goals for Blackburn in 1994/95 and Andy Cole’s record when at Newcastle a term earlier. The former Salzburg striker played a crucial role in Guardiola’s squad, mediating their success not only in the English league but also in competitions such as the Champions League, where he scored a staggering five goals against RB Leipzig in the round of 16. His sharpness in front of goal was evident through his tally of five braces and four hat-tricks in this campaign.

Moreover, Manchester City’s success has been attributed to the noteworthy contributions of other key players, such as playmaker Kevin de Bruyne and defensive midfielder Rodri, who have been instrumental in their triumphant season. De Bruyne has tallied 16 assists in 30 Premier League games played, significantly contributing to their success, and has been joined by Rodri, who has won a total of 310 duels this season in the Premier League.

Triumphant in the Premier League, Manchester City now turns its attention to the grueling task of securing the coveted treble. They have set their sights on defeating Manchester United in the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium on 3rd June and securing their most awaited title by beating Inter Milan in the Champions League final a week later on 10th June.

This all-conquering side has had a remarkable season scoring 17 goals in the FA Cup and 31 goals in the Champions League, primarily due to the efforts of their standout performer, Erling Haaland, with 12 goals and Dzeko from Inter Milan, who has scored four goals. This remarkable journey will culminate in the ultimate test of this Sky Blues squad’s resilience and character as they strive to achieve an unprecedented treble. Only time will tell if Guardiola’s men will emerge victorious.

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