Fernandez shares aspirations of winning a World Cup alongside Messi

Fernandez Shares Aspirations Of Winning A World Cup Alongside Messi

Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez recently had an interview with ‘B/R Football’ where he discussed the heartfelt letter he wrote to Lionel Messi in 2016. This letter was in response to Messi’s decision to leave the Argentina national team after losing his third final in a row, a penalty shootout against Chile in 2016, following their defeats in the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 Copa America.

At the time, Messi eventually had a change of heart and returned to the Argentina camp after 45 days. However, his initial departure disappointed many Argentinean people and fans who hoped for his continued dedication to the team.

To show their support and attempt to convince Messi not to abandon international duty, several players, including Enzo Fernandez, wrote motivational letters to him. Enzo’s letter, which he wrote in his own words, expressed his desire for Messi to reconsider his decision.

During the ‘B/R Football’ interview, the 22-year-old midfielder talked about his letter and his current relationship with Messi. He mentioned that the letter was very emotional and genuinely written, establishing a connection between them. Enzo expressed his pride in being part of the team that won the World Cup and referred to the experience as a dream come true. He also emphasized the strong bond between the players, feeling like brothers and working together to win the championship for Messi and all the passionate Argentines.

As an example of Enzo’s letter, it included heartfelt words about the immense pressure Messi bears and the unrealistic expectations placed upon him by millions of fans. Enzo expressed understanding that Messi is not solely responsible for the public’s anger and suggested introspection to evaluate their own demands and frustrations.

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