Fatal explosion on Somali bus leaves at least six dead and 12 wounded

Fatal Explosion On Somali Bus Leaves At Least Six Dead And 12 Wounded

Thursday August 10, 2023

An explosion occurred targeting a passenger bus in a region outside Somalia’s capital, resulting in the death of at least six individuals, according to the state news agency.

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The attack took place on a road between the Qoryoley and Marka districts, with an additional 12 people sustaining injuries, affirmed Mohamed Ibrahim, governor of the Lower Shabelle region, as reported by the Somali News Agency.

The news agency mentioned that Ibrahim attributed the explosion to an assault by an armed group. However, the specific group responsible for the attack was not disclosed.

In the past, the al-Shabab militant group, which is associated with al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for similar attacks. Since 2006, this group has been engaged in a fight against Somalia’s central government, seeking to establish its own rule based on a strict interpretation of Islamic law.

Following his assumption of office in May of the previous year, President Sheikh Mohamud initiated an “all-out war” against these fighters, urging Somalis to aid in eliminating the armed group he referred to as “bedbugs”.

In a recent military campaign supported by US airstrike operations and the African Union (AU) force known as ATMIS, which concluded its mission in June, the Somali army and local clan militias have managed to recapture portions of territory.

Yet, the expelled fighters who were forced out of the capital by AU troops in 2011 have consistently launched retaliatory attacks against the ongoing offensive.

Despite their removal from urban areas, the group remains deeply entrenched in rural regions, from where it continues to conduct numerous assaults in Somalia and neighboring countries.


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