Fabinho’s move to Al-Ittihad thwarted by… his eccentric canines!

Fabinho's Move To Al-ittihad Thwarted By... His Eccentric Canines!

Amidst the excitement surrounding Fabinho’s potential move to Al-Ittihad, a surprising twist has put the transfer on hold. The reason? His beloved dogs. It turns out that Saudi Arabia has a strict ban on French bulldogs, the very breed that Fabinho’s furry companions happen to belong to. According to Saudi authorities, these dogs are deemed to be dangerous and aggressive, only permitted into the country for specific functions such as hunting or aiding the visually impaired. Unfortunately for Fabinho, bringing them in as pets for the general public is simply not allowed.

In a bid to overcome this hurdle, Al-Ittihad made a special plea to the Saudi government, requesting permission for Fabinho to enter the country with his two dogs. While negotiations to make this happen are still ongoing, the uncertainty surrounding the situation casts doubt on the midfielder’s transfer to the team. It’s a shame considering that Fabinho had already signed a four-year contract with Al-Ittihad, joining the ranks of star players like Karim Benzema, N’golo Kante, and Jota. The potential partnership on the field between these talented individuals had fans eagerly looking forward to the season ahead.

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It’s clear that this unexpected snag has sent shockwaves throughout the football community, leaving everyone wondering: will Fabinho’s dream move to Al-Ittihad ever come to fruition? Only time will tell.

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