Liberia: U.S. Embassy Sends Out Security

The U.S. Embassy in Monrovia says it really is conscious of a number of latest audits of the Roberts Interpolitical Airport (RIA), all of which have revealed great shortcomings in airport protection, safety, and operational requirements.

In keeping with a safety alert launched by the embassy, the men and women of the Americas are conscious that RIA, the Liberia Airport sufferance, and the Liberia affable Aviation sufferance have begun steps to handle these shortcomings in latest months.

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The declaration launched on February 2, 2023 examine, “We are aware that RIA, the Liberia Airport Authority, and the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority have begun steps to address these shortcomings in recent months”.

“However, U.S. citizens contemplating air travel into or out of RIA, which is Liberia’s only international airport, should be aware that few if any of these shortcomings have been adequately resolved to date, and that several airport safety, security, and emergency response capabilities remain below international standards,” the alerts continued.

The united states Embassy in Monrovia is quoted as saying, “The Embassy is not aware that airlines have reduced operating schedules to RIA in response to these audit findings. We will update this message should we become aware of any such plans”.

In the meantime, the embassy needs the subsequent actions to be taken by their residents who plan to depart of enter Liberia as a result of the sole global airport of the state, RIA.

They comprise reviewing your tour plan, making contingency tour plans, monitoring nearby media, airline, and tour company web sites and well prepared for delays in tour and have funds to cowl these delays.

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