Three Al-Shabaab members executed in Mogadishu

Wednesday March 15, 2023


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From left to properly: Mohammed Abdulle Abkow Omar (Biyamalow), Sharif Mohamed Barqadle Ayanle (Jeego), and Mohamed Abdi Nur Jirow (Doctor Fanah)

Mogadishu (AX) – A navy courtroom in Mogadishu executed three males belonging to Al-Shabaab on Wednesday by firing squad for committing capital offences. The three males have been recognized as Mohammed Abdulle Abkow Omar (Biyamalow), Sharif Mohamed Barkhadle Ayanle (Jeego), and Mohamed Abdi Nur Jirow (Doctor Fanah). Two of the executed males have been former members of the Somali Armed Forces, even as the third was a senior Al-Shabaab operative who posed as a general practitioner even as being in command of the group’s safety.The courtroom determined all three males responsible of killing civilians and authorities officers, as properly as orchestrating explosions that resulted in a large number of deaths, significantly in Mogadishu. The Somali authorities looks to be expediting the execution of demise sentences, as all three males have been convicted in navy courts in current months.

Mohamed Abdi Jirow, additionally which is called Dr. Fanah, was sentenced to demise by Somalia’s armed forces courtroom in mid-January. Jirow posed as a neurologist and had faux navy ranks and id playing cards from global organizations. He even acquired navy uniforms adorned with the rank of ‘main.’ During a televised courtroom listening to, he admitted to organizing a suicide assault in opposition to clan delegates throughout the election of federal MPs final yr.

Mohammed Abdulle Abkow Omar was determined responsible in mid-December of plotting a terror assault on Aden Abdulle Airport in Mogadishu. Omar, who was dismissed from the Somali Armed Forces in 2018, joined Al-Shabaab and was answerable for transporting the 2 attackers who killed a member of Somalia’s specialised police pressure on the airport in March 2022. Omar was additionally convicted of being concerned in an explosion that focused the Villa Baidoa navy base.

Mohamed Barkhadle Ayanle, a former captain inside the SNA, was sentenced to demise on January 12 for facilitating terror assaults on behalf of Al Shabaab. Ayanle aided the group in planting motor vehicle bombs all the way through Mogadishu that killed a complete of 27 folks in 2019. The courtroom determined that Ayanle allowed Al Shabaab to tour simply by checkpoints and park their explosive-laden automobiles in busy industrial areas. Ayanle was additionally determined responsible of promoting weapons to the group, later used to shell Mogadishu.

Ayanle’s conviction got here after the arrest of a number of authorities troopers concerned inside the Villa Rays lodge assault in Mogadishu that killed eight civilians on November 28.

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