System failure caused power outage in Kenya for 48 hours

System failure caused power outage in Kenya for 48 hours

NAIROBI, Kenya – Kenyans were without electricity for nearly 48 hours on Wednesday and Thursday. The country’s electricity supplier-Kenya Power blamed their system failure at the Isinya substation in Kajiado.

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A statement shared with newsrooms late Thursday evening reads; “The cause of the system disruption has been identified and is being addressed by KETRACO engineers, while our technical teams work to restore power to the rest of the country.”

By Friday morning, only a few parts of the country had power restored while most parts are still without power and rely on solar power and generators to light their houses.

The outages follow widespread blackouts this month in East Africa’s largest economy. Earlier this year, a high-voltage power line connecting the capital to a hydroelectric dam broke, causing a nationwide blackout.

The company buys the bulk of its power from the Kenya Electricity Generating Company. Kenya Power also attributed the blackout to a system failure.

Late last year, parts of the transmission grid connecting Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) to Suswa collapsed affecting the evacuation of power from Marsabit.

LTWP is the second largest supplier of electricity to the national grid at peak demand, with the collapse of transmission towers forcing Kenya Power to resort to more expensive thermal power to cover the shortfall.

The growing incidence of large-scale power outages is a scourge for businesses such as retailers, manufacturers, hospitals, schools and other entities that are forced to switch to costly temporary power sources such as generators.

Companies that cannot afford these alternative power sources are forced to wait for Kenya Power to restore supply even as they count losses.
Kenya Power has been grappling with an aging electricity transmission network that is prone to breakdowns and unnecessary outages.

The unreliable power supply combined with the high cost of electricity has also driven away investors at a cost to the local economy.

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