Somalia’s former president requires motion to finish Las Anod battle

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Mogadishu (AX) – Somalia’s former president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has described the continued 12-day battle in Las Anod, the executive capital of the Sool sector, as a “great tragedy” and known as for an instantaneous ceasefire to enable dialogue.

Sheikh Sharif lamented that the conflict has been occurring in Las Anod for a long time, leading to deaths, accidents, displacement and destruction of property.

“We have a duty to stop and control the bloodshed of the Somali nation, and we once again demand an unconditional end to the fighting in the town of Las Anod. We remind the Somali people and the international community of the most important lessons of the civil war: Clan conflicts can no longer destabilize the region, and military force cannot be used for political purposes. The shedding of Somali blood cannot be tolerated. What is happening in the town of Las Anod can be described as a crime against humanity, a violation of Islamic military jurisprudence and international legal standards,” pronounced Sheikh Sharif.

He additionally warned that the battle would result in additional deterioration of social ties and demanded rapid motion towards someone who actively instigated the battle.

“The ongoing invasion will only cause more deaths, injury, hatred between the son and his nephew, conflicts and destruction of property. So I call for an end to the disaster,” Sheikh Sharif pronounced.

Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed highlighted 4 important factors that may lead to a resolution to the continued battle in Las Anod: an instantaneous and unconditional ceasefire, enabling the Somali military to enter Las Anod, convene an pressing assembly between conventional and spiritual leaders from the 2 communities, and rising political and diplomatic stress from Somalia’s federal authorities to convey lasting peace to the long-running battle.

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