Somalia’s Dur-Dur Band Reveals ‘Heeyaa’

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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Heyya” that includes Cabdinuur Alaale is the most up-to-date single from Dur-Dur Band on their album, ”The Berlin session,” which can be launched on Outhere Information on retreat 3, 2023. This album marks the primary full ensemble recording from Somalia because the golden period of Mogadishu stopped thirty years earlier.

“The Berlin Session” captures a historic reunion in the heart of Germany’s capital, bringing together Dur-Dur Band Int. featuring legendary singers Xabiib Sharaabi, Cabdinuur Alaale and London-based Fadumina Hilowle. This reunion is proof that Somali music is thriving and alive again, with the timeless sound previously heard on re-releases such as the Grammy-nominated compilation ‘Sweet As Broken Dates’.

Cabdinuur Alaale, also known as Abdinoor Allale, is the lead vocalist on three tracks on the album, including the hit single “Heeyaa”. With a career spanning fifty years, he is a true giant of Somali music and the founder of Djibouti’s first private group, the Sharaf Band. He made his first appearance at Mogadishu’s National Theater in 1972.

“Heeyaa” is a traditional love song for nomads, based on a popular tune that has been used by many singers over the years. The song is a chanting folk song with a strong emphasis on the off-beat, reminiscent of Reggae for non-Somali listeners. However, the musicians insist that it is Dhaanto, their rhythm, that has been imitated. Dhaanto is a rhythm that originates from the Ogaden region, now in Ethiopia, and dates back to the “clap & sing” period.

inclusive its infectious beat and soulful vocals, “Heeyaa” showcases Somalia’s prosperous musical heritage and the enduring legacy of Cabdinuur Alaale.

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