Somalia: Why Ilhan ought to use his journey to Puntland to evangelise the rule of legislation

MANAGER | US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been touring her motherland this week, returning to Kenya, the place she first fled as a refugee, and now to Somalia, her birthplace. In fact, the journey offers her a very good expertise to return to the roots, particularly for a girl whose personal inspiration to grow to be who she is at present is basically primarily based on her life story.

However additionally it is good timing, coming at a time when Somalia’s federal states are debating the phrases of their respective presidents. On Thursday, Omar arrived in Puntland, one of many federal states the place the rumored extension of presidential polls in January 2024 has raised the temperature. The overall protection is that the continuing preparations for common suffrage don’t have to be stopped earlier than the presidential election. And consequently, the presidential polls can wait till all districts have ready for one-person-one-vote.

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This argument has led some opposition teams in Puntland to reject any delay. And relying on who you ask, a disagreement over presidential polls may derail common suffrage reform altogether.

Fortunately, Omar himself is a supporter of constitutionalism and the rule of legislation. As an individual whose life was first destroyed by leaders who didn’t respect the rule of legislation and saved in locations the place nobody is above the legislation; she could also be higher suited to advise these focused on cashing in on the positive aspects Puntland has made.

Positive, Puntland is not excellent, and Somali generally is a piece in progress. However we hope that Ms. Ilhan’s cordial relations with Puntland and Somali leaders, generally, stand her in good stead to warn of what any unilateral choices may carry to the nation.

Nevertheless, Somalia was not all the time so weak. It took a person who believed the legislation started and ended up destroying every part we constructed for 3 a long time. Now that our rebuilding efforts are underway, the teachings of the previous should be clear to political leaders to keep away from the very errors that destroyed our nation’s system.

We’re positive Omar will benefit from the welcome, reminiscing concerning the childhood she briefly loved in Somalia and reconnecting with the folks she shares cultural and blood ties with. However her arrival in Somalia ought to be the inspiration we’d like. If there’s something we will be taught from her, it’s the Somali folks’s never-dying resilience to rise from the ashes and the flexibility to present the perfect when given the chance.

Somalis have a convention of sharing data and Omar’s go to is important each as a pointer to what Somalia ought to have been and what it shouldn’t be.


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