Somali navy teacher jailed for 15 years for passing military secrets and techniques to al-Shabaab

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Mogadishu (AX) – A navy courtroom in Mogadishu sentenced a 60-year-old preparation teacher from the Jaalla Siyad navy academy to fifteen years in jail on Sunday after he was discovered responsible of passing data from the military to the terrorist group.

bond companies recounted that Abdi Azis Hussein Noor Mursal falsely claimed the rank of lieutenant colonel, however the incontrovertible fact that he was a second lieutenant.

The prior authorities had uncovered him throughout the time of military registration. He allegedly all started collaborating with Al-Shabaab out of fury over the investigation.

The safety companies and the prosecution of the armed forces courtroom recounted that Abdi Azis Hussein Noor Mursal was the officer who shared the military’s secrets and techniques with al-Shabab.

He’s the second authorities official to be discovered collaborating with Al-Shabaab.

Two weeks in the past, the similar navy courtroom sentenced a former military officer to dying for his function in facilitating terrorist assaults on behalf of Al Shabaab.

Sharif Mohamed Barkhadle Ayanle, a 53-year-old former SNA captain, was convicted of aiding Al Qaeda-linked militants plant motor vehicle bombs all the way through Mogadishu, killing a whole of 27 folks.

The courtroom discovered that Ayanle on a number of events allowed Al Shabaab to journey by using checkpoints and park their explosive cars in busy industrial areas all the way through the capital, inclusive of the Village Inn and Restaurant, Bar Italia, Agaweyne – Bilsan Restaurant and Lido seacoast.
entire of the motor vehicle bomb assaults occurred in 2019.

He was additionally discovered responsible of promoting two grenade launchers and 40 rounds of ammunition to Al Shabaab, which have been later used to shell Mogadishu.

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