Premier bank launches free Mastercard for this year’s pilgrims

Premier bank launches free Mastercard for this year’s pilgrims

MOGADISHU June 23, 2022 – Somali nationals performing Hajj this year will receive a free Mastercard, thanks to Premier Bank. The card enables the pilgrims to purchase goods and pay bills for a period of 30 days without being charged for transaction costs.

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The pilgrims who have registered for Hajj can easily get their card by presenting their application documents at any of the bank’s branches in Somalia, starting today, June 23, 2022.

The bank aims to relieve the pilgrims performing their religious duty the burden of worrying about their bills, instead of focusing entirely on their religious rites while in Saudi Arabia. The Premier Mastercard allows pilgrims to buy and pay their bills without having to look for a money changer. In case of shortage, their relatives and friends can send money to their cards easily, at any time.

“Most of the time, travelers face challenges with cash as they have to time and again monitor the exchange rate, which can be very frustrating at times, especially when they run out of cash and have to be sent money by relatives back home.

Premier Bank, which has always been committed to meeting the financial needs of the Somali community, has this year managed to address all these challenges,” said Premier Bank’s Head of Public Relations, Ahmednur Mohamed.

“This year’s pilgrims will not have to worry about managing their expenses but will spend quality time focusing on worship and performing their hajj rites properly, God willing,” he added.

The bank aims to make it easier for Somali citizens to perform their hajj rites without going through much stress, especially when it comes to paying their bills while performing Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam.

Cardholders will be able to pay their transport fee as well as withdraw money from ATMs free of charge. Premier Bank is a privately owned commercial bank.

The bank is part of an effort to help rebuild Somalia and promote economic and social development. It is the first bank in the country to adopt and has a direct connection to Mastercard.


Mastercard is a technology company that is part of the global payment system. It operates the world’s fastest payment network system connecting customers, financial institutions, businesses, governments and business people in more than 210 states.

Mastercard’s solutions and services cover daily business activities such as; Shopping and travel, facilitates business and financial transactions in a simple, secure and convenient way for everyone. For more information, visit or Twitter @MastercardMEA.

Premier Bank

Premier Bank is a privately owned Sharia compliant bank in all its operations. The bank is licensed to provide by the Central Bank of Somalia. It is licensed by the country’s central bank to provide financial and banking services.

The bank provides comprehensive financial solutions to customers including private, public, non-government, corporate, private individuals and small and large enterprises in the country.

Premier Bank’s services include retail, business and corporate banking, mobile and internet, ATMs, domestic, international and SWIFT transfers, bank services and international money transfers.

More information is available at or on Twitter @premierbankso

KM4, Maka AL mukarama Street Hodan District.

Durdur Business Center, Road No. 1, District 26 June.

Disclaimer: The statements expressed here by Premier Bank are their own and their appearance on the Garowe Online website does not imply an endorsement of their entity or the services they promote.

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