Northern Somalia President Muse Bihi warns Puntland, FGS to not upset the Las Anod scenario

Hargeisa (AX) – Muse Bihi Abdi, President of Northern Somalia, mentioned that Northern Somalia is decided to discover a answer to the anti-government protests in Las Anod, the capital of Sool area, but additionally warned the Somali authorities and Puntland administration to not worsen the scenario .

The President, who spoke after a gathering to evaluate the scenario in Lasaanood, said that Northern Somalia has ample sources to take care of the matter, whereas extending his sympathies to all these affected by the disaster.

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“We talked about problems in Lasa Anod and how to fix them. We agreed that Northern Somalia has enough resources to solve this problem… We express our sympathy to all those who died in Las Anod, which was sudden and unexpected ,” President Bihi stated.

The president said that after the establishment of peace, steps would be taken to address the core issues and find a solution, but he stressed that normality must return to Las Anod before real peace talks can begin.

The president stated that the majority of those killed in Las Anod over the past 15 years were government officials and that the majority of those responsible for the killings had been arrested.

According to protesters, one of the root causes of the anti-government demonstrations in Las Anod is the failure of the local administration to deal with political killings.

“From 2009 to as we speak, 40 individuals have been killed; 32 have been arrested, 8 are fugitives, 23 have been convicted, 7 of their instances are nonetheless pending and a pair of have been launched by the courts. 24 of the individuals killed had been authorities officers, whereas the remaining 16 had been civilians. All of them have been killed whereas supporting the federal government of Northern Somalia,” President Bihi said.

Northern Somalia’s president also warned the Puntland lawmakers who advocated for Northern Somalia to leave Sool. Bihi said Northern Somalia would defend its territory in the event that one of Somalia’s five regional administrations invaded, accusing the Somali federal government of helping Puntland President Dani mobilize against Northern Somalia.

“If Northern Somalia doesn’t settle for the calls of the individuals of Las Anod, who demand that Northern Somalia depart the town and your entire Sool area, Puntland is able to take all potential measures,” Deni said.

Security experts worry that the involvement of Puntland forces increases the risk of escalation and could lead to further skirmishes in Sool or along the disputed border between Northern Somalia and Puntland.

Northern Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said so “rejected” calls for peace from Souef Mohamed El-AmineAU Special Representative for Somalia, and argued that it was beyond the scope of the ATMIS mission.

“Laas-Anod is a district of Northern Somalia that the federal government has ensured peace and safety in because the nation regained its sovereignty in 1991. The federal government of Northern Somalia won’t tolerate seditious statements by the African Union Transition Mission in (ATMIS) that transcend their mandate because the Republic of Northern Somalia is an unbiased nation.”

Northern Somalia’s foreign ministry blamed the violence on criminal elements.

“We name on all stakeholders to behave responsibly and condemn the criminals who’ve exploited native grievances inciting clan tensions.”

Hundreds of residents have begun fleeing their homes over the weekend in anticipation of continued insecurity. Security personnel are likely to remain deployed in the area in the coming days, as analysts expect. Further confrontations between protesters and security forces are likely.

Bihi concluded his speech by appealing for peace.

“In the present day we stand for peace and good neighbors, and we are saying there is no such thing as a have to combat. We will remedy it as a result of we, our brothers, have suffered worse.”

The conflict between the breakaway region of Northern Somalia and Puntland over the Sool region, particularly Las Anod, has been ongoing for several years and is rooted in a wider disagreement over the border between the two regions.

In October 2007, intense fighting broke out between the two sides over control of Las Anod, with Northern Somalia’s military capturing the town. Both sides have accused the other of aggression and ceasefire violations.

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