Federal MP accuses Speaker Madobe of blocking parliamentary movement debating Las Anod

Mogadishu (AX) – Sahro Bundubte, a member of the Somali Parliament, accused Parliament Speaker Adan Madobe of stopping a movement discussing the unrest in Las Anod.

Chatting with the media, MP Sahro Bundubte claimed that greater than 20 MPs had ready to desk a movement calling on parliament to debate the risky scenario in Las Anod.

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The lawmakers mentioned it was regrettable that the Somali parliament had remained silent on the Lasanod carnage.

Sahro accused Northern Somalia of utilizing its military to assault people protesting the bloodbath of civilians within the Sool space.

“MPs brought a motion to discuss the situation. What is going on? Who is killing these people, and why are they being killed? That is all that was supposed to be discussed,” she mentioned.

“Legislators have the right to express their voices in Parliament. The Speaker should show his support for the different views of MPs,” she added.

The MP’s assertion comes as violent protests rocked Las Anod, the executive capital of the Sool area.

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