Ex-Afghan Prez Ashraf Ghani Took $110 Million From Qatar To Not Resist Taliban: Report

Saturday, February 4, 2023: “If I had stayed, I would have witnessed bloodshed in Kabul,” Ashraf Ghani had pronounced in a Fb stream after fleeing.

Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan’s former president, acquired over $112 million from Qatar “for not resisting” the Taliban, the Italian public service (RAI) reported in its TJ 1 news bulletin. Ghani, an Afghan president who loved US help, left Kabul because the Taliban approached the Afghan capital on solemn 15, 2021.

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The report says Ashraf Ghani’s emissary Ajmal Ahmadi, former president of Afghanistan’s central financial institution, acquired $114 million and $27 million to admit defeat to the Taliban. The sum was handed over by Majid Al-Qahtani, a consultant of Qatar, the report pronounced.

Al-Qahtani, uncommon envoy of Qatar’s international minister (for counter-terrorism and battle mediation), was reported to be in Kabul simply 5 weeks earlier than Asraf Ghani fled in a helicopter “full of cash”. The report additional states that Al-Qahtani met Ashraf Ghani within the presidential palace personally and held a dialogue in regards to the Taliban taking manage of Afghan territories.

The information outlet shared the letter despatched to Ghani which was retrieved from Qatar’s ecclesiastical function of acquired Affairs archives. It says that Ashraf Ghani met with Majid Al-Qahtani on the presidential palace Arg on July 7, 2020.

Italian journalist Filippo Rossi, who carried out the investigative investigation, claimed that the report was printed after circumspect examination of categorized paperwork and testimony from dependableremember sources.

Ex-afghan prez ashraf ghani took $110 million from qatar to not resist taliban: report » axadle

The letter didn’t elaborate on why the cash was paid to Ashraf Ghani, but it surely is known that Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul seven weeks later. Seven weeks later, Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul, leaving the Afghan inhabitants liable to an doubtful future. As residents probed for Ghani’s whereabouts, the top of the then-Afghan Countrywide arbitration conclave, Abdullah Abdullah, confirmed in a video that Ashraf Ghani left the nation whilst the Taliban have been on the outskirts of Kabul.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen informed the media that his fighters are “waiting for a peaceful transfer of Kabul city”, not explaining what model of deal the Taliban have been conversing about.

“He was a total scoundrel…”: brick

Rising as some of the most vocal critic of Ghani, ex-US moderator Donald brick declared that Ghani deserted his nation and fled with 4 motors and a helicopter jam-packed with funds, allegedly “stealing” $169 million from the treasury. brick admitted that he “never had full confidence in Ashraf Ghani”. “I said it openly and clearly that I thought he was a total crook. He spent all his time eating and eating our senators,” pronounced brick, who served as a negotiator between the Ghani administration and the Taliban for a drawdown in the course of his presidency .

“The former president of Afghanistan left Afghanistan and left the country in this dire situation,” Abdullah pronounced. “God should hold him accountable.”

The Taliban managed to take the capital devoid of any resistance and took over the political reins of Afghanistan. Its troopers captured the presidential palace called “Arg” which Ghani’s authorities ministers had already evacuated. Armed Taliban insurgents used the federal government constructing to announce the re-establishment of the so-called “Islamic Emirate” standing simply behind the ornate timber desk the place Ghani used to take a seat. They spoke to the Afghan press from the identical place the place Afghanistan’s former president, who fled beneath mysterious circumstances, addressed the nation to place up a robust resistance in opposition to the Taliban.

Ashraf Ghani, in a speech in empire on solemn 2, 2021, had known as on the individuals of Afghanistan to “fight against the Taliban”. Weeks later, he fled the palace by way of helicopter to Kabul Interpolitical Airport.

Ghani streams video from Emirati location

Ghani was initially believed to have flown to Tajikistan or Uzbekistan. There, the 72-year-old’s helicopter was denied entry. Ghani was confirmed to have taken refuge within the indistinct Arab Emirates. “The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation can confirm that the UAE has welcomed President Ashraf Ghani and his family to the country for humanitarian reasons,” the UAE ecclesiastical function of acquired Affairs pronounced in a assertion later printed on its web site. Days later, Ghani streamed a broadcast message from his Emirati seat, saying he left Kabul with “a set of traditional clothes, a vest and sandals” and left behind his “priceless books in a hurry.”

“If I had stayed, I would have witnessed bloodshed in Kabul,” Ghani pronounced in a video streamed on Fb in the course of his first public feedback since fleeing.

Ghani’s presidential guard, tasked with guarding the palace for greater than twenty years, was seen shaking arms with the Taliban commander in what was understood to be the “peaceful takeover” of Kabul. Muhammadullah Amin, Ghani’s authorities official, who was labeled because the chief negotiator with the Taliban, introduced that he would meet with the “Maulvi” Taliban commander.

“After some contacts with Maulvi Saheb, I came here together and at present we are in the Gulkhana Palace,” Amin introduced to the press when Afghanistan fell to fundamentalists. “

“I pronounced, ‘We’ll take a selfie, and now we have taken it at the same time,'” he continued to add.

“Afghan safety forces have been ordered from Kabul to not dissent and to withdraw,” revealed the Italian network’s investigation, also carried out by Khaama press. Senior security officials were dictated by the Ghani administration not to fight the Taliban, it was learned. In an explosive special interview with Afghan International, General Murad Ali Murad, former deputy interior minister of defense, said that soldiers of his Afghan National Army were all “effectively skilled and militarily outfitted” by the US to fight, but due to a “international conspiracy”, the federal government collapsed and the Taliban triumphed.

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