EAC chairman to intervene in DRC-Rwanda crisis

EAC chairman to intervene in DRC-Rwanda crisis

NAIROBI, Kenya – East African Community bloc chairman and current Burundian president Évariste Ndayishimiye has revealed that he has yet to confirm whether the Rwandan government supported the M23 rebel group claimed by the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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President Évariste said he is optimistic about a breakthrough to find a lasting solution to the crisis facing the two nations.

The M23 rebel group launched renewed attacks against Felix Tshisekedi’s government forces in May this year and has captured key cities.
Tshisekedi’s administration has accused Paul Kagame’s government of supporting the M23 rebels and recently expelled Rwanda’s ambassador.

Burundian President Évariste revealed in a recent interview on France 24 and RFI that there is progress in the dialogues on the situation in the DRC and he has not yet decided on charges against Rwanda.

– I can’t say that we are lagging behind. We are in advance. In terms of dialogues and reconciliation between the two states, rapprochement is a good step, accepting to sit together is progress. I believe that there is significant progress because there are meetings and I have seen that the international community such as the United Nations, the European Union and President Macron who is the President of the European Union are aware of the process to seek a solution and restore peace in that region,” he said.

Évariste further said he has not determined whether Rwanda is behind M23 rebels in the DRC adding a consultative meeting will soon analyze the situation.

“Until now, at the regional level, we, myself included, have not yet decided on the Congolese allegations about Rwanda. We are planning a consultative meeting with the President of Angola as facilitator. We will have the opportunity to analyze and see the reality of the issues,” he said.

Burundi is sending two battalions to the South Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as part of the joint regional force of the East African Community.
“There are no tensions between Burundi and DR Congo. We are hopeful that the armed forces will agree to lay down arms,” ​​he concluded.

Évariste also hinted that relations between his country and Rwanda are improving.

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