Ex-soldier thrown behind bars for violently wielding a hammer in retaliatory vengeance on a Bristol street!

Breaking News Update: Abdulqani Hamdan, a Somali Army veteran, has been convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for his role in a wounding with intent and possessing an offensive weapon. The hammer attacker went on a premeditated ‘revenge attack’ on a man in Easton. Bristol Crown Court heard how Hamdan attacked his victim on Stapleton Road in January 2020.

The judge, Julian Lambert, issued Hamdan an indefinite restraining order and forbid him from having any contact with the victim. Hamdan, who claims innocence, showed no remorse for his actions.

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The victim, who suffered a cut to the head requiring stitches, has experienced headaches and sleep loss as a result of the attack. They expressed fear of encountering Hamdan again.

During the trial, Derek Perry, Hamdan’s defense counsel, argued that his client experienced significant trauma from active service in the Somali Army, including the death of his father and brother, and significant injury to himself.

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