“Ex-Finance Minister of Puntland warns of dire ramifications should Deni tamper with election schedule”

"ex-finance Minister Of Puntland Warns Of Dire Ramifications Should Deni Tamper With Election Schedule"

On the date of Saturday May 13, 2023, something strange and bewildering occurred in the city of Garowe. Hassan Shire Abgaal, who had held the illustrious title of Puntland’s former Finance Minister, issued a warning to none other than the President of Puntland, Deni. Abgaal spoke of concerns surrounding the 2024 presidential election potentially being postponed without an amendment to the state constitution. The warning conveyed that President Deni may face dire consequences should he dauntlessly pursue such action.

At a press conference in Garowe on Friday, Abgaal commented that he would be willing to support Puntland’s democratization. However, he stressed the importance of President Deni engaging in dialogue with his group and clearly articulated that without such discussions, he would oppose the elections in Puntland.

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Furthermore, Abgaal revealed to opposition leaders that although they had no objection to the recent local government elections in Puntland, they adamantly opposed any suggestion to modify the constitution or prolong President Deni’s term.

Finally, Abgaal passionately stated, “We urge anyone with influence to bring Saeed Deni to the negotiation table to address the two contentious issues – the constitution and the election date on January 8. If these issues are resolved, there will be no discord.”

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