Ethiopia’s Proposed Measures for Amhara: An Outline of the State of Emergency

Ethiopia's Proposed Measures For Amhara: An Outline Of The State Of Emergency

On Friday, August 4, 2023, in Ethiopia, the cabinet has decided to announce a state of emergency in the restive Amhara region. This decision follows a series of clashes between local militias and the army.

Yesterday, Yilkal Kefale, the head of the Amhara region, requested the federal government’s intervention, stating that the security situation in the area had become challenging to manage through regular law enforcement methods.

According to reports, the Fano, local militias, have taken control of multiple towns, villages, and even some major cities. As a result, flights to two cities in the region have been suspended, and mobile data services have been cut off.

A statement released by the prime minister’s office highlights the threat to the constitutional order in the Amhara region, which necessitates the declaration of a state of emergency.

However, parliamentary approval is still required before this decision can be implemented.