Ethiopia Celebrates its 16th National Flag Day


ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia commemorated the 16th National Flag Day with the theme “The Elevation of our Flag is a Guarantee for our National Unity and Sovereignty.” The celebration, organized by the House of People’s Representatives and House of Federation, saw notable figures expressing the significance of the flag.

President SahleWork Zewde emphasized that the Ethiopian flag represents the struggle, independence, sovereignty, and sacrifices made by our ancestors. She recognized the immense efforts and sacrifices made by Ethiopian patriots to protect the nation’s independence and unity. Therefore, she declared that the flag symbolizes the freedom and sacrifice of heroes and heroines.

Furthermore, Defense Minister Abraham Belay (PhD) stated that the flag embodies Ethiopian independence, determination, patriotism, and invincibility.

Deputy Chief Administrator of Central Ethiopia, Endashaw Tassew, highlighted the importance of this year’s National Flag Day celebration as an opportunity to strengthen the various aspects of development in the country and effectively utilize available resources. Tassew emphasized the need to renew commitments, promote respect, overcome challenges, prioritize public interest and the rule of law, ultimately leading to the transformation of Ethiopia.