Eriksen urges Man Utd to raise their game, supports Hojlund’s potential in the EPL

Eriksen Urges Man Utd To Raise Their Game, Supports Hojlund's Potential In The Epl

In a Q&A session with Manchester United’s official website, Christian Eriksen candidly discussed the team’s performance this season, acknowledging that there is room for improvement. The Danish international expressed his optimism about Rasmus Hojlund, his fellow countryman who recently joined the club, stating that Hojlund can quickly adapt to playing in the competitive Premier League.

It is no secret that Manchester United has been inconsistent in their performances this season. Despite narrowly winning their opener against Wolves with a 1-0 scoreline, they suffered a 0-2 defeat to Tottenham. Their hard-fought comeback victory against Nottingham Forest (3-2) added to the nail-biting nature of their campaign.

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Eriksen emphasized the need for improvement and acknowledged that the team is not satisfied with their current results. He remarked, “We all know that we can be a lot better than where we currently stand.” Acknowledging the disappointment of their recent loss to Tottenham, he highlighted that after a defeat, confidence and morale are low, but it is up to the players to change that.

Eriksen expressed his excitement about the arrival of Rasmus Hojlund, praising his resilience and fearlessness on the field. He described Hojlund as an aggressive and attack-minded player who does not shy away from challenges. Off the field, Eriksen highlighted Hojlund’s amiable personality. While Eriksen intends to share his experience with Hojlund, he acknowledged that the Premier League offers a unique and different experience compared to other leagues. However, he is confident that Hojlund will adapt quickly to the demands of English football.

Overall, Eriksen’s comments reflect the team’s determination to improve their performances and the belief in their new recruit, Rasmus Hojlund.

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