“Envious, I’m convinced my father is – bursting with curiosity!”

In an interview with Sky Italia, the illustrious Napoli player Giovanni Simeone divulged astounding details about his relationship with his father, the eminent Atletico Madrid coach Diego. Simeone, who recently won the Scudetto with Napoli, expressed his elation at being the second Argentinian to achieve such a feat, after Diego Maradona. “It was an incredible emotion to win a ‘Scudetto’ as an Argentinian,” he exclaimed in disbelief. “After Diego Maradona, I still can’t believe it. I’d like to spend the next few weeks going around the city to see the joy of the fans.”

Simeone also revealed the thrilling moments leading up to their triumph in the competition. “In the games against Atalanta and Roma, we were in trouble and we overcame them. Then, after the win against Juventus, we realised we were very close,” he said with an air of excitement.

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The pièce de résistance was Simeone’s exceptional bond with his father. Diego travelled exclusively to Naples to be with his son and participate in the Italian champions’ celebrations. “He has come here these days just to celebrate with me, we have a normal father-son relationship,” stated Simeone. He even went so far as to assert that his father was envious of his success: “I’m sure he’s envious because I won the Scudetto in Naples.”

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