Emergency aid preserves struggling East Galgaduud amid drought and conflict – a much-needed lifeline!

Wednesday May 17, 2023

CREDIT: Somali Relief Centre (SRC)

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Dhusamareb (AX) – The East Galgaduud community, caught in the clutches of both conflict and drought, is experiencing a glimmer of hope thanks to the Somali Relief Centre (SRC). Since April 2023, the SRC has been providing life-sustaining support to families who are struggling to survive these dual disasters. The situation is complex and difficult, and the fragile economy of Somalia, combined with the harsh realities of climate change, only exacerbates the problem.

As community resources dwindle and they struggle to cope, their vulnerability is amplified by the ongoing conflict. Unfortunately, this is the stark reality faced by many. One anonymous beneficiary described this support as “our lifeline until we can recover and stand on our own feet again. We’re stuck in a harsh reality where self-reliance is a distant dream, and this support has arrived just when we needed it most.”

Building resilience within these communities, even while delivering emergency aid, is a monumental challenge. It is under vigorous discussion among the Somali government, humanitarian agencies, and donors. Despite the challenging circumstances, the head of projects for the SRC remains committed to uplifting the community as much as possible.

Mr. Ali, a representative from the SRC, offered insight into the importance of building resilience: “Resilience is not a quick fix. We need solid, structured, and strategically planned resources. At SRC, we aim to recalibrate our approach, shifting from static humanitarian intervention to more entrepreneurial models. As humanitarian actors, we must infuse innovation into our work to build stronger resilience.”

Every day, the SRC’s livelihood support center sees over 500 vulnerable families, all marked by the scars of past and ongoing droughts and conflicts. This serves as a solemn reminder of the need for both immediate emergency aid and long-term resilience-building support.


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