Elders from Somalia join forces against Al-Shabaab militants


In a remarkable display of unity, senior clan elders from central Somalia have come together to combat the Al-Shabaab militants. This joint effort comes amidst ongoing military operations and local mobilization against the terrorist group, which has been inflicting terror upon innocent civilians and security forces. The elders have pledged their support to the military and have called upon the locals to join forces with the government in eradicating the militants from strategic areas. This significant meeting took place in Wara Dhumale, central Somalia, and was attended by influential figures such as former Hiiraan Governor Ali Jeyte Osman, army commanders, and local politicians from HirShabelle and Galmadug states. The meeting has been hailed as crucial by security analysts in the Horn of Africa. Osman, known for his efforts in mobilizing clans against the militants during the initial stages of military operations, expressed the urgent need to completely eliminate Al-Shabaab, emphasizing that the time for tolerating their violence has come to an end. Regional legislator Mohamed Abukar Jafar highlighted the importance of this collaboration, stating that it would facilitate and make the ongoing military campaigns more efficient. After the successful results of the initial phase of operations, which resulted in the death of many militants, the military has resumed operations in central areas. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been visiting various regions, including Mahas, to boost the morale of the security teams on the frontlines and encourage the locals to actively participate in the fight against Al-Shabaab. Once the military completes the combing exercise in Galmadug state, their operations will extend to Jubaland and Southwest states.